The AGM College of Education science Club was inaugurated in 2011. The purpose of the club is to increase awareness of the relevance of science in modern society and to facilitate student success in the discipline of science and related disciplines where an understanding of science is essential. The club also encourages and provide training in scientific method of problem solving, skills like manipulative, communicative, etc. also provides an opportunity for students with similar interests and career goals to meet and socialize

Club Activities

Arranging talks and lectures of the distinguished speakers, subject experts and outside guests.
Arranging debates, group discussions, seminars and workshops, paper reading and quiz contests.
Arranging excursions and short trips for members to places of scientific interests.
Decorating the walls of the classrooms and laboratory with scientific pictures and charts preferably by students themselves.
Improvising and preparing handmade apparatus, charts and models.
Celebrating science days.
Holding science fairs and exhibitions

Science Club Members

S.No Name Designation
1 Mr. A. SIVAKUMAR, Assistant Professor in Bio-Science Co-Ordinator
2 Mr. A. VAIYADURAI, Assistant Professor in Physical Science Member - Staff
3 Mr. S. SENTHIL, Assistant Professor in Comuter Science Member - Staff
4 Student Secretary
5 Student Treasurer
6 Student Members